Steven_Twitter_CropSteven Anderson is passionate about the use of social media for the students he serves. He is an educator, speaker, renowned blogger, and avid tweeter. Anderson, who is @web20classroom on Twitter, shares insights about effective use of social media and technology for learning. In 2009 and 2011, he was voted by his peers the Edublog Awards Most Influential Tweeter. And he is #Edchat co-creator, a #140Conf character, and an ASCD Emerging Leader. He currently is the Director of Instructional Technology, helping to guide a technology program for over 53,000 students in Winston-Salem, NC

Spotlight: Leading To The Now

We are living, working and learning in incredible times. As Educators we have access to more information for our own growth than ever before. But what does that mean to us as professionals and what obligations do we have as learners? Join us as we will look at what this access to information means and how we can all Lead To The Now.




Thanks to Copia Interactive for their support of Steven’s appearance.