hackerspace graphic

To ‘hack’ can mean a lot of things: To break in and break down. To cut to the core. To chop roughly. To be playful and clever. To be mediocre. To solve a problem, but to do so rather inelegantly. To pull systems apart. To ‘MacGyver’ things back together. To re-code. To rebuild.

Audrey Watters, Hack Education

What is Hackerspace? It’s a corner of the VSTE conference where you can explore the maker movement and how you can use all the ideas from that concept for your personal and professional learning. We’ll be playing with design and 3D printing, building robots and writing code, understanding how you and your students can hack the web, photography, and so much more. Plan to spend some time in our playground.

If you would like to learn more about these concepts, check out the archives of Virtual Virginia 2013 that focused on creating new kinds of learning spaces.